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ALBUM REVIEW: The Bellerophon Project - "Mental Abscess EP"


The new Progressive Instrumental band, The Bellerophon Project consists of just 2 members - Andreas Schaberer on the guitars and Manuel Lotter  on the drums (Hans-Hermann fills in as a studio/live bassist). The duo, do not try to bring out any particular theme in their debut EP “Mental Abscess”, rather they just play with their instruments creating some amazing technical music in the process.

The EP kicks off with “Crystal Lattice”, as the track slowly builds up the atmosphere, before going into the heavy riffs. The track showcases the bands amazing ability to go from slower section to the faster and heavier sections and back without a glitch. The exquisite drumming on the EP is evident right from the very first spin, and “Hydra” showcases this perfectly. 

The title track "Mental Abscess" for me is the best track on the album, as it showcases the shear talent the duo possess. Listening to it for the very first time, one just cannot help but be awestruck by the fine musical technicality throughout the track. The jazzy interludes and atmospheric sounds add to the overall charm.  “Physical Education” (on Joy of Motion by Animals as Leaders) was my favourite Instrumental song of the year, this track might have just displaced it from the top, it’s that good!

“Kerkrya” is heavy yet soothing, as the heavy djent riffs are accompanied by amazing atmospheric sounds. The use of piano keys in the background adds to the charisma. The EP ends on a brilliant note with “The Endless Immersion”. The track is fast, heavy and extremely technical. The track once again brings the amazing musicianship by the duo to the fore. And as the track fades off, you come to a realization that 22 minutes have passed away in a whiff.

Overall, the EP has laid the basic ground base for The Bellerophon Project. It showcases the talent and potential the duo possess. The album consists of some shear technical 8 string guitar work, amazing rhythmic chugs, melodious atmospheric sounds and exquisite drumming. A must listen for those who like highly technical music.


P.S: The EP will release on Bandcamp on 22nd June 2014. The band is playing at Techfest and Euroblast, do check them out if you are heading to any one of the festivals.

Reviewed By: Vidur Paliwal

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