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ALBUM REVIEW: Stigmhate - "Zodacare Od Zodameranu"


Sometimes you come across an album which is dark and heavy from start to end. The continuous violent attacks just do not stop. Stigmhate’s latest album “Zodacare Od Zodameranu” is one such release.

The album kicks off with one highly haunting narrative intro, which just builds a witchcraft / black magic image onto the minds of the listeners. A perfect start for the heavy, scary and fierce black metal that is to follow. It’s a non-stop blackened blaster one after another for the next 48 minutes.

“Ave Averno In Genesi Nema” was one of the first tracks to grab my attention. It has a very ‘Emperor’ feel to it throughout. Starts off with blastbeats accompanying the fast riffs and some excellent lead guitar, before slowing down to a melodious/symphonic section midway before kicking off again! The drumming on this track felt highly exquisite. 

“Pleroma Apocrifa Mistica” was a nice surprise, as it started off with a blackened-doom metal feel that reminded me of another amazing Italian black metal band “Forgotten Tomb” every single time I heard it. The track provided a much needed breather, after sustaining the continuous onslaught. A few spins down, this track became one of my favorite on the album, mainly because it was different from the rest.

The album continues to blast away leaving you wobbly legged. Towards the end “XV” kicks in with a groovy lead guitar tune, and the starting of the track gave a wonderful heavy metal meets black metal vibes as it took off into delivering a perfect ending to an amazing album. Leaving you dazed, confused and crawling on all 4 to the altar of the satan!

The music from the band is the standard extreme black metal sound, but the good production helps the band standout from the rest. The production is extremely top notch, something rarely seen in underground black metal records. It still has the rough and raw feel, while maintain a very balanced overall sound. There is nothing here that will turn you off, but also nothing that feels path breaking. All songs start with heavy blastbeats (except the above mentioned “Pleroma Apocrifa Mistica”), but Stigmhate balance it well with slower groovy and symphonic sections in between. But, the riffs and blast beats do become monotonous at times. 

Overall, this is a nice addition to Stigmhate’s catalogue. Zodacare Od Zodameranu is a black metal record that reeks pain, anger, darkness and savagery from start to end. A must listen for fans of extreme black metal. Hail Italian Black Metal! 


Reviewed By: Vidur Paliwal

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