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Metal Melancholy: A Journey Begins


I have been a metalhead for nearly the complete portion of the last decade, over the years expanding my tastes in various genre and discovering new music. The connection I share with metal, is a strong one, like most metalheads across the world.

Over the past couple of months I have been pondering over reviewing albums, so as to share my viewpoint with the rest of the world, and also promote some underground gems that deserve far more attention than what they currently get. With this intention in mind, I have started “Metal Melancholy”
The question arises, why not just join an existing webzine? The answer lies in the fact that I am still a “NOOB” when it comes to writing about metal music. This is my learning play-ground. Converting the thoughts in the head to perfectly on paper requires time and practice. Hence, on Metal Melancholy I will be posting my reviews, some not so well written, and some good ones (hopefully!).

I will be reviewing albums across sub-genre's, which I come across. The big international ones and the underground hidden ones. If anyone wants their album to be reviewed, feel free to drop a mail.

This is a start, and any form of support is highly appreciated. Constructive criticism, is highly welcome (and something I'm looking forward to).

Till next time. Cheers!

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