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NEWS: Skyharbor release “Evolution”


Skyharbor have released the first track from their upcoming second album, the track is titled “Evolution”. The title is quite apt, as it shows how much the band’s sound has evolved since their debut album “Blinding White Noise”. Check out he Lyric Video below.

I personally loved the debut album, but in my opinion it was more of a Keshav Dhar’s album in collaboration with Daniel Tompkins, Sunneith Revankar, and the others. So when the band announced they were working on the second album, I was quite happy as for me this will be the first album from Skyharbor as a ‘band’, and with the legendary Forrester Savell (Karnivool, Dead Letter Circus, The Butterfly Effect) mixing the album, my hopes with this one are quite high.

Coming back to the track, it is very melodious. For me the stand-out part is the amazing drum work by Anup Sastry that kicks in within few seconds as the song begins and last tills the very end. The overall sound is quite different, from the “Illusion” disc of the debut album, in a good way – the sound has evolved and improved further. The biggest complaint with the debut album was how Daniel’s vocals were at times hiding the amazing work on the guitar. No one can say that about “Evolution”, the guitar tunes are perfectly in sync with Daniel Tompkin’s amazing vocals, one complimenting the other. Overall, the track does not disappoint the fans, who have been waiting for new material from the band.
Skyharbor say: "Evolution pretty much sums up the journey we’ve been on. We feel it’s the perfect introduction to our second album and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it."

The band is crowd funding their sophomore album, and there is still time to hop on the bandwagon and support the band. The track is available as an immediate free download for those who join the pledge campaign.

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