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ALBUM REVIEW: Blackened Angel - “The Chronicles of Damnation”


When friends from two different musical backgrounds decide to come together, it creates either a total havoc or a masterpiece. It is safe to say that, Blackened Angel have created the latter. Lord Tim (LORD) and Ricky Boon (Serenity Defiled) came together with the idea to create this amalgamation of metal genres. Combining Lord Tim’s melodic voice with his signature power metal riffs and Ricky Boon’s thrashy riffs and frenetic guitar sounds, along with a few black metal notes in between, has brought out the stunning Blackened Angel.

Coming to the album “The Chronicles of Damnation”, it is a concept album with an amazing story running through the songs. To truly enjoy and relish this masterpiece, I suggest you find a silent corner, put on your headphones, hold the lyric booklet and then listen to the record in its entirety. A complete hour of pure heavy metal bliss!

The story revolves around a mortal man, who after death finds himself stuck between the gates of heaven and hell. As both the sides convince him of being their angel (depicted with an amazing white and black) and serve their respective lords for eternity. The darkness being ever more exciting of power, he rises to be a blackened angel!

“I now know who I am
I am the blackened angel!”

The blackened angel now leads the black armies to a war against the white angels, destroying them in the war. But with the thirst of power and hatred not yet fulfilled, he plans a total annihilation of the mortal world, with the campaign of death.

“And so began a millennium of slaughter.
The dark armies spread across the lands
in what was to become known as the campaign of death.”

After laying waste to humanity, dawns the realization that he is still a servant to the Dark Lord. With his ego and pride hurt, he raises the black army to attack hell, launching a coup. The civil war kills everyone, with the protagonist killing the dark lord with a swinging sword, but is left all alone in the world to rue his past. 

“I was the chosen one, the last
Now I am alone
Boundless power, cursed to be a god
Eternal servitude to time
All on my own!”
And so it ends.

Lord Tim’s vocals are fast but clearly audible to follow the story, across its stages. The writing must be praised once again, as the chorus of each track brings about the jist of the track in a perfect manner. The addition of natural thunder sounds, bells, etc. adds a nice atmosphere to the story, lending it more power and credibility. The narrative junctions add another wonderful touch and support the story of the album.

The huge variety of sounds does not make the album feel dull even for a single moment, starting off with the rapid ‘Purgatory’. The amazing duel guitars on ‘A Figure in Black’, the powerful lick solos on ‘Revelation, Arise’ keep you busy in playing the air guitar! Songs like ‘Prophecy of War’ and ‘Campaign of Death’ are such fast, that they form the battle cry images in the listeners mind within an instant. ‘Realisation (The Army of the Black)’ brings in the classic blackened death metal sound. This record is relentless from start to end.

The production is top notch with every single minute sound coming out crisp and clear. It’s easily evident that proper attention has been given to every small aspect of the album.

Overall, this is a marvellous mixture of thrash, black and power metal that each and every metal fan needs to give a spin. The powerful story makes this album a true masterpiece!


Reviewed By: Vidur Paliwal

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