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ALBUM REVIEW: D.A.M - "Phantasmagoria"


While browsing through the vast amount of music made worldwide, one sometimes stumbles across a masterpiece and is left totally awestruck. It feels like finding a diamond in giant heaps of coal. D.A.M’s latest EP “Phantasmagoria” is one such discovery.

D.A.M is a Melodic Death Metal hailing band from Brazil. It started off as a solo project of Guilherme de Alvarenga who wanted to create a fusion of Classical Musical techniques and Heavy Metal music. D.A.M’s basic roots definitely are into Melodic Death Metal, but the influences of Symphonic and Power Metal are abundant throughout the EP. 

The album is brimming with quality musicianship. It’s filled with fast virtuoso guitar solos, with the keys adding a symphonic melody that complements the guitar work extremely well. The vocals are also amazing throughout the record, with guttural death growls interlaid with clean passages in between. The production is top notch, making each instrument completely audible.

The album kicks off with “Banished from Paradise”. The track starts off with heavy riffs, and slows down as a piano melody kicks in, before attacking once again, captivating the listener at once. Amazing guitar solos kicks in with a more instrumental second half, giving out vibes of a heavy/power metal track.

The title track “Phantasmagoria” is another standout in the EP, the track begins with a melodious intro that leaves the listeners in a trance. The track contains some of the best use of keys on the album, reminding the listener of bands like Sonata Arctica. The beautiful fast guitar solos also complement the music in a perfect synchronous manner.

My favorite on the album was “Lord of Dreams”.  The classical influence is most notable on this track, with the use of a sonata adding its own charm to the death metal music. It has the perfect sync of growls and clean vocal passages. The keys once again complement the beautiful guitar work, adding to the beauty of the track. 

The lyrics also deserve special attention, as G.de Alvarenga has crafted a wonderful story in each individual track. The title of the EP – Phantasmagoria means, a sequence of real or imaginary images like that seen in a dream. The following lines really from the title track show the amazing wordplay:

I´m afraid of the shadows, but I need to walk to see the light.
Reality it´s not the same, and my sanity it´s vanishing away
Is this real or not? This sensation I´ve got...
Phantasmagoria, please go away!

There is no doubt that D.A.M have recorded a breakthrough masterpiece in the form of Phantasmagoria. The influences of Melodic Death Metal veterans Children of Bodom is quite visible along with bands like Sonata Arctica, Dimmu Borgir and various Heavy/Power metal bands. Through Phantasmagoria, D.A.M is able to execute a perfect balance of the aggressive and symphonic parts in their music.

Overall, this EP is a masterpiece, a must listen not only for fans of Melodic Death Metal, but for ALL metal fans! As it has elements transcending sub genres, satisfying each and every listener. Moreover the band is giving it for FREE download on their Facebook page!

Check out this album TODAY!


Reviewed By: Vidur Paliwal

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