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ALBUM REVIEW: Goats of Doom - "Ashes From The Past"


Goats of Doom are a Black Metal band from Finland that play a very raw and atmospheric form of the music with occult themes running throughout the tracks. The band has recently released a 3 track EP titled “Ashes From The Past” on Ewiges Eis Records.

The album kicks off with “Lord of the Flies”, which starts off with a buzzing black metallic riff, before the drums kick in. On the very first listen you start realizing how loud the drums are on the mix, muffling the guitar sound and bringing the bass to the front. Giving a very rough feel to the sound, and making the track reek of rawness. The keyboards surprisingly add a melodic touch to this stand-out track.

“Viimeinen Sinetti” is the most melodic of the three. With a nice melodious verse running through the track, with the punchy bass adding a nice layer to the music. The keyboards standout on the track, giving it an atmospheric feel.  The EP ends with “Musta Seremonia” a violent track right from the start, it’s a complete brutal attack and one of the tightest sounding on the EP. 

The complete EP has a very old school raw feel to it, from the start to the end. The band have clearly gone for the rough mix, to retain the pure evil energy their songs bring out. The use of a heavy loud bass adds to the power of the songs. 

The EP will leave the old fans satisfied with some exciting new material and attract new listeners to the cult. With a play time of 16 minutes, this is a good place and time to get accustomed with this amazing Finish Occult Black Metal act.


Reviewed By: Vidur Paliwal

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