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NEWS: Bangalore Open Air 2014 Lineup Announced


Bangalore Open Air, is scheduled to take place this year on September 13 at Counter Culture, Bangalore. The final lineup, announced today has three international acts alongside the three Indian ones.

BOA 2014 Lineup

Destruction (Germany): Destruction are a German thrash metal band. They are considered as the kings of the Teutonic thrash metal scene, along with Kreator and Sodom.

Rotting Christ (Greece): Rotting Christ are a Greek extreme black metal band formed in 1987. They are also responsible for creating the signature Greek black metal sound prevalent in the early 1990s.

Cadaver Mutilator (Italy): Cadaver Mutilator are a brutal death metal band from Italy.

The Down Troddence (Bangalore): The Down Troddence, popularly known as TDT is a six piece Thrash metal Band. The band is famous for their fusion of Carnatic and local music sounds with the traditional thrash metal sound. They recently won 8 awards at the “Rolling Stone Metal Awards”.

Threinody (Bangalore): Threinody is a Thrash Metal from Bangalore, formed in 1996. After a few years of inactivity, the band roared back to life in 2012. The word 'Threinody' is derived from a Greek word which means a song of grief or a dirge.

Armament (Kolkata): Armament is an Extreme Thrash Metal band from Kolkata, formed in November 2011. Being full-fledgedly involved in the construction of a tight sound, they find themselves completely devoted to the raw and aggressive musicality that is generated through their sheer passion.

Girish and The Chronicles (Gangtok): Girish and The Chronicles, is an Indian Hard rock/Heavy Metal band from Gangtok, Sikkim, formed in 2009, by the Singer-Songwriter/Vocalist Girish Pradhan.

Although the crowd funding failed, the organizer has put together quite a stellar lineup. Turn up and support the scene. Having attended the previous 2 editions, I can say with full confidence that it is one of the best metal festival in the country. Keep Metal Alive! 

To receive regular updates about the festival and the tickets. Check out the festival page on Facebook [HERE].

UPDATE: Official Poster

UPDATE: Tickets are available on BookMyShow.

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