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ALBUM REVIEW: Darkest Horizon - "The Grand Continuum"


The Gothenburg metal movement music is what got me into metal back in the days. Hence however far may I wander into different sub genres, Melodic Death Metal will always hold a special place for me. Although new melodic death metal bands are churning out in huge numbers, very few leave their mark, all sounding too similar or giving a feel of having heard the music before. Darkest Horizon on the other hand is one which leaves a permanent imprint on the listener’s mind. Describing their sound as “Epic Melodic Death Metal” – Darkest Horizon are one of the most original Melodic Death Metal band I have had the pleasure of listening to in recent times.

It was out of pure luck (and YouTube’s recommendations) that I stumbled upon Darkest Horizon and their new album “The Grand Continuum”. The haunting voice of Aurelius Lie, with the amazing use of synth and keyboard by Christian Mühlbauer add a wonderful symphonic touch to the music. Just the right amount of symphonic elements in the background. With the melodic guitar riffs leading the way. The exquisite drum work by Phil Hammelmann has to be praised. The perfect synchronized drum work gives the whole album a perfect groove.

One of the standout tracks is “A Thousand Dreams”, the track has a very diverse feel to it, with vibes of death-doom, power and symphonic black metal. It consists of a slow build up as the instruments kick in one by one. If you are not already hooked, the melodic death-doom start will definitely have you paying full attention to the record. The track adds its layers, as a wonderful speedy mix of drum pounding, keyboard and brutal riffs kick in. A power metal guitar solo towards the end adds its own charm.

Tracks like “Utopia” add another dimension to the music, with the use of acoustic guitar. And with a story on universe and space, and quotes from Galileo and Einstein, you have hit a bull’s eye with the astronomy nerds! “Singularity Omega” is one of the faster track with a sick fast melodic riff running through the track. Also the amazing bass and keys intro transports the listener to a parallel universe.   

Towards the end comes the longest and best track of the album – “Interdimensional”.  The 10 minute epic track, encompasses everything that The Grand Continuum is, an epic melodic death metal album, with great diversity and a sound unlike any other. The progressive sounding interlude takes the song into another dimension before kicking right back in.

Overall, Darkest Horizon have delivered an album that is more than just a strong debut album. It showcases how talented this group is and with the necessary support they could well be on their way to making it big in the Melodic Death Metal scene. Have we uncovered the next big Melodic Death Metal band? The album definitely makes me feel that we have!

Sit back. Press the play button. And get ready to witness the rebirth of universe in the most epic manner possible!


Reviewed By: Vidur Paliwal

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