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ALBUM REVIEW: Planet of Zeus - "Vigilante"


Planet of Zeus are a southern rock band hailing from the Mediterranean lands of Athens, Greece.  They had previously released two albums “Eleven the Hard Way”, in April 2008 and “Macho Libre”, in May 2011. Both albums, in both formats (CD/LP) have sold-out twice. So when they started working on the third album “Vigilante” expectations were high, and they delivered!

The album kicks off with "The Great Dandolos” showcasing the intricate drum works by Syke. Be it the delicate cymbal pounding or the continuous rolls, all are executed with perfection. The vocals and the bass are groovy throughout the tracks.  “Second Coming” showing off the Clutch influence the best, as one starts expecting Neil Fallon to make a guest appearance any instant.

“Burn This City Down” is one track which misses the mark, mainly due to the vocal style. The band tries to pull off a narrative + harsh mixture, which just results in a kind of mess. Making the track a sore spot in an album otherwise filled with some amazing stoner rock.

“Tornado” starts off with some wonderful riffing, creating a monstrous opening for the track, as the vocalist jumps in screaming at the top of his lungs, with precise drum work running in the background. Also the track stands out as it’s the most different/unique song on this album. “No Tomorrow” halts the assault, with slow tempo grunge vocals and a dirty riff playing through it.

The title track is a clear start to end generic stoner song. It’s got an old-school vibe, with nice chorus and claps going on. The harsh vocals are performed to a perfection, with Babis screaming his lungs out. “Sky High Heels” feels totally different, with an amazing use of dual vocals, both speaking in a perfect sync.  Slow motion head banging can be reserved towards the end for “Disappointment Blues”.

The album closes with the longest track “The Beast Within”, and what a perfect end to a perfect album. With a rough filthy riff running through it and a voice so deranged that it drives the listener crazy. The slow melodic section midway adds its own charm.

Overall, Planet of Zeus have put out a very strong album in “Vigilante”. The album has a harsh and rough ‘Clutch’ type feel to it (which is in no way a bad thing), but the band does add its own original sound, making it a great listening experience.

If you enjoy southern/stoner rock and have not heard of Planet of Zeus, now will be the right time to jump on the bandwagon!


Reviewed By: Vidur Paliwal

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