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ALBUM REVIEW: Dementia Senex - "Heartworm"


From the depths of Italian underground metal scene, comes Dementia Senex, a band that fuses various metal genre’s into a perfect amalgamation while maintaining an extreme sound, leaving the listener wanting more.  Their latest EP “Heartworm” mixes post-hardcore music, with sludge/doom sounds, while keeping their death metal roots intact. The EP consists of just 3 tracks and clock in at 17 minutes, with two of the longer tracks sandwiched with a shorter piece in between.

The moment the album kicks off with “Unscented Walls”, the amazing blend of genres by the band is brought to the fore front. The track stands out with a nice doom sludge sound mixed the death metal vocals. The hardcore breakdowns mid-way give the track another twist, and the amazing lead guitar work towards the end takes the track into another dimension all together. Definitely the best track on the album, and a perfect start to the album.

The shortest track “Kairos”, showcases how the band is not scared to experiment, with the Djent / Meshuggah inspired riffs and odd time signatures on display to their death metal music. The title track builds up the atmosphere, bringing in a nice mix of hardcore and sludge music before belting out anger filled death metal vocals. The atmospheric build up on this track is amazing, and once again showcases the variety the band is capable of building into their music.

The EP has some top notch quality production, and showcases the musical variety the band possesses in the best possible manner. This has allowed the band to successfully create a perfect fusion of different genres and create a very original sound for themselves, unlike any other you may have heard before.

Heartworm is an excellent EP from a band that is packed with potential. One of the most exciting releases I have heard in recent times. I will definitely be on the watch out, for a full-length from these guys. 


Reviewed By: Vidur Paliwal

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