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ALBUM REVIEW: Dhwesha - Sthoopa


I was quite intrigued when I first heard of Dhwesha a couple of years back. A band that plays old-school death metal with the lyrics in their native tongue of Kannada (the regional language of Karnataka, a state in India). Being a fan of various metal bands across Europe who have their words penned down in their own language, this was a bold move for an Indian band, something I held high praise for.

Circumstances have it, I never actually got to listening to Dhwesha, that was until their debut album – “Sthoopa” was released. The album made up for missing out on them till now, as it has been on constant loop since I got hold of it. This is a classic old-school death metal record!

The album consists of 8 muddy, ferocious death metal tracks with absolutely no filler. Right from the onslaught of “Sattva Bali” there is no turning back. This is not the total modern in-your-face brutal death metal, with the album having a nice groove and melody along with the more raw riffs in the music. At points elements of black and doom metal start seeping through, adding their own unique blend.

The guitar work by Ajay and Somesha must be highly praised through the album. There are layers of very intricate lead guitar work, almost melodic along with the rough jagged old school riffs from the rhythm guitar. A combination, resulting in some beautiful music, brought to the fore in tracks like “Sthoopa” and “Yuddhabhumi”.

The songs are dark and melancholic, with a lot of variation in their tempo, adding to the listening experience. “Kapala Haara” has one of the best variations through the track, with great guitar work weaving through the music. Before you realize, 40 minutes have passed, with no two songs sounding too similar.

Coming on to the production, it is not the cleanest one, but something that works with the music of Dhwesha perfectly. A slight echo-effect, helps create a nice atmospheric vibe in this record. The cavernous effect, makes the vocals slightly loose their brutality, but makes them work perfectly with the raw-old school music.

Overall, a very strong debut album from the band. It’s raw, heavy, atmospheric and very original. One of the best release in the Indian Metal scene this year. If you’re a fan of old-school death metal, check this out – amazing music! 

Rating: 9/10

Reviewed By: Vidur Paliwal

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