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ALBUM REVIEW: Wolf - "Devil Seed"


Wolf, although not the biggest name in the metal scene, have gained quite a good following over the years for their old school heavy-metal sound. Many bands have attempted to bring back the glory of the old Merciful Fate,  Judas Priest, Saxon and Iron Maiden sound, but few have managed to pull it off in a perfect manner as Wolf have time and time again. Devil Seed is the seventh full length offering from the band and continues along the path and identity the band have crafted for themselves over the past two decades.

Devil Seed is a complete package of classic heavy metal killer music. The band describes their sound as “Real Metal For True Bastards”, and after listening to Devil Seed, I find the analogy to be quite appropriate!

The album kicks off with the fantastic riffs, in “Overture In C Shark”, before exploding into “Shark Attack.” From this point on, the album is just a continuous bombardment of classic heavy metal music on to the listener. Moreover, Niklas Stålvind’s amazing vocal delivery has the listener hypnotized within seconds.

“Skeleton Woman” takes a slower and darker approach, the perfect mix of acoustic guitar melodies and electric guitar riffs give the track a very good (positive) vibe to it. That is until you turn your attention to the lyrics, sending a shiver down the listener’s spine.  The dark nature of the album, does not end there “My Demon” will bring back all the nightmares you have had. The vocals have a very ghastly vibe to them and the riffs will strangle you and leave you gasping for breath.

“I Am Pain” takes a slow approach, reminding one of the classic Iron Maiden sound. The gentle sing along chorus will make this track quite popular at the future shows of the band I believe. Immediately the album kicks back into a faster tempo, with “Back From The Grave”. The contrast style placing off tracks is a risky endeavor (Remember Iced Earth’s - Something Wicked This Way Comes?), but it totally pays off on this record, bringing in the necessary variation required not to make the album feel monotonous at any point.

On of the standout tracks (and the best in my opinion) comes towards the end in “River Everlost”. The track is a masterpiece, and could sit shoulder to shoulder with any old school heavy metal track. With the vocals packing the perfect punch and the incredible heavy guitar riffs taking the track to a totally new dimension. The beautiful guitar solos are reminiscent of the old Judas Priest and Manowar.

The amazing quality production, ensures that each instrument stands out separately, while maintaining the slightly old school 90’s mix sound. The influences of bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Merciful Fate and many others, are on display throughout the record. At the same time, the band walks the thin line perfectly, keeping their own originality and not making it just another copy of some old school heavy metal record.

Overall, Devil Seed is a 100% old school heavy metal record, with a lot of dark vibes in it. The band once again just continues doing what they do best - make killer heavy music. The album for some reason, kept reminding me of Judas Priest’s milestone album “Painkiller”, making me believe “Devil Seed” could be that landmark for Wolf.

A nice journey into the past for the fans of the genre and the band.


Reviewed By: Vidur Paliwal

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