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Hailing from the picturesque Italian region of Palermo, Cadaver Mutilator have been making corpses of audiences since 2003. After a split up in 2007, the band went through a re-inventory process, and released their latest full length in 2013 titled ‘Murder. Death. Kill’. A solid brutal death metal album.

With the band set to play at Bangalore Open Air 2014 in a few days, Metal Melancholy had a quick chat with the lads from Cadaver Mutilator, about their music and their upcoming performance at Bangalore Open Air.

Greetings from Metal Melancholy! It’s an honour to have you on here. How are you guys doing?

Hi! The honour is ours! We are preparing all the stuff for the big travel (to India)and we’re very excited.

Post the split up (with the founding members Piero and Ray), the band released its first full length last year “Murder Death Kill”. How was been the response from the fans for the album?

We had a very good response from the fans, we think because of we tried to insert more linear guitar riffs with a more impact from the rhythmical section (unlike our more chaotic mini cd Nechronicles).

How would you describe Cadaver Mutilator’s music to the uninitiated?

…a brutal death metal with influences both from the early American brutal scene and the modern, speed and technical one.

Bangalore Open Air 2014, is Cadaver Mutilator’s first performance in India. What are your expectations as a band?

This is also our first time out of Europe, so we are very excited about it! We are also very curious to see what kind of scene and public’s response we will find out.

What can fans of the band in India expect from Cadaver Mutilator?

They can expect only violence coming from the stage!

Are you aware of the Indian Metal scene? Any band that may have heard of?

To be honest we doesn’t know much about Indian Metal scene and bands: we will discover it soon! Sure the bands will shock us with their music, we are curious to see them play on stage.

How is death metal scene back in Italy? And how has the death metal scene changed overall according to you in the past decade?

Italy is a country full of very talented bands, and some of them are achieving excellent response from the international audience. Italian audience is also more interested in concerts and festivals and this last year, thanks to the rise of social networks and music sharing systems, we heard more frequently about new bands: they starts immediately to compose and record their stuff.

In the past decade brutal death metal has become much more accessible than even before spawning waves of quality new acts. What are new bands that you’ve been bumping lately?

We always look at new material from the old brutal and death metal bands: we are big fans of Aborted, Origin, Krisiun, Decapitated, The Faceless and many others.

A final message to the Indian fans.

Prepare for a rush of brutal violence directly from Sicily! See you at B.O.A.!

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