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Metal Wani recently got the opportunity to have a small chat with the Greek black Metal legends, Rotting Christ's front man - Sakis Tolis ahead of their performance at Bangalore Open Air 2014. Discussing the band's 3 decade long journey, their debut gig in India and his aspirations and dreams with the band. Some snippets from the interview:

From Greek Metal scene, there is you guys (Rotting Christ), Septicflesh and many others. What is it, that all bands originating from the country are phenomenal!?
Maybe, it’s the Mediterranean spirit! Although our music is categorized as Black Metal, we have more emotions and melodies in our music. The touch of our history and culture in our music, makes us different, giving a unique result.

Back in the days you were also known as “Necromayhem”. Is the name still being used?
Nay. I don’t use the name any-more. It was used back in 1989 when we started off. I like to use my real name.

From 1987-2014, the band has been active for nearly 3 decades! How has the journey been so far?
It’s a very long story. It started with the idea of Non Serviam, the idea of freedom, the idea of expressing my feelings through metal.  I'm happy that even after 27 years I'm creating music that can touch a soul. Getting the respect from people all across the world, is something we care a lot for.

Bangalore Open Air 2014, is Rotting Christ’s first performance in India. What are your expectations?
We never thought we would get to play in India, because people around the world believe India is land of not involved in metal music, etc. But, all across the world I have met Indians who love the band and the music, in UK, USA, Canada, everywhere. They always ask, ‘When will you play in India?’ so we have been waiting for someone to call us to the country. Finally we are coming.

“Indian Fans Are Going To Witness Underground Metal Played With Atmospheric, Mediterranean Spirit!” We will try to play tracks from our complete discography and be one of you for the night. 

Black Metal is associated with anti-religious sentiments. What is your belief (Rotting Christ’s belief) in the music?
Two words - Non Serviam. Do what you want, that is the call of the law. This is the spirit of Rotting Christ.

What can the fans in India expect from Rotting Christ?
You will see our spirit! We will come on the battlefield (stage) and give it our best. 

After all these years, are there any dreams that the band still wants to fulfill?
Yes. Because, when one stops dreaming, one ceases to exist. My dream is that I keep making music, which can touch and transform the soul of people worldwide.

Having been in the metal scene for so long, do you think it has improved or deteriorated over the years?
There are some amazing new bands coming up. The new bands are far more technical than we ever were. But, I feel there is lack of originality. The new bands are following the genres very easily.

A final message to the Indian fans.
We look forward to meeting all our fans in India! Although Greece and India are far apart, there is one thing that is common, is that our civilizations are thousands of year old. We look forward to being there, and meet our metal brothers. Keep the Indian metal spirit alive.

The complete interview can be streamed HERE.

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