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ALBUM REVIEW: Everto Signum - Synergy


Wandering through the very few active metal discussion forums left, I stumbled across Everto Signum from Portugal. The band calls its music ‘Elemental Black Metal’, and they recently released their new EP titled “Synergy”. The band plays the traditional black metal music, interwoven with melodic and ambient atmospheric sounds.

The 4 track EP begins with a dark atmospheric instrumental “Cold Inception”, building up spreading the darkness as it grows. “Stirred Ambiance” begins with a blackened doom riff structure, before the brutal assault kicks in. The track also has a nice industrial black metal vibe running somewhere at the back, this great inter-mix of the blackened doom, atmospheric and industrial metal works to the bands advantage, enhancing the overall sound and resulting in something very original.

The title track “Elemental Synergy”, is one of the most raw and powerful song on the record. The track features some of the best drum-work on the album. The lead guitar melodies are just amazing, and sync well with the faster traditional black metal riffs. The final track is a cover of Lux Ferre’s “Atrae Materiae Monumentum”, while the original was more somber and depressive, this is much more heavy and aggressive.

The production is not extremely top notch, but not bedroom quality either, the sound works well for the band, with a good balance between the drum beats, lead guitar melodies and the vocals. The bass does get suppressed at points, but comes out in great way on the final cover.

The band has a lot of talent, and the perfect blending of atmospheric and industrial sounds in their music showcases that perfectly. The EP is a good place to get to know the band. I will be on a lookout, for a full length from these guys in the future.

Rating: 7.5/10
Reviewed By: Vidur Paliwal

Band Links: Facebook / YouTube

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