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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Mask of Judas New Single - Gravity


Mask of Judas have been making waves in the UK Metal scene since releasing their debut EP - Axis back in mid May 2013. Over the past one year the band has been quite active in the live circuit, with performances at Tech-Fest, Les-Fest, Mammoth-Fest and many others.

Returning from another busy summer of shows and touring, the band now plans to lock itself into hibernation to finish working on a brand new album. The band plans to record the album in early 2015. But before locking themselves in, the band has offered the fans a taste of what is in store for them next year!

The wait is over! Today the band releases it's new single GRAVITY! Stream it below. The track is at "Name Your Price" on Bandcamp, so do drop a few bucks if you like it, the money will go right into the new album production.

Coming to the track. it is very groovy! For me the stand-out part was the amazing vocal delivery by Jo Challen, they are a huge step up from the mini-album. The sound is also quite different from that on 'Axis', with even more amazing guitar work by Sam Bell. Overall, I feel the sound of the band has evolved and improved quite significantly.

Download HERE.

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