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NEWS: The Venus Complex New Single - Automated Heart Attack


I recently came across an amazing 5 piece technical progressive band from the UK (London) - "The Venus Complex". The band has been alive for just over a year, in which they have established quite a good name for themselves in the local scene.

They have now released their first single - "Automated Heart Attack", and our busy working on their debut EP which should be out in spring of 2015. Coming back to the track, the first spin and it brought Sikth back into my mindn (there cannot be anything better!). This was mainly down to the use of the odd-time signatures and start-stop riffs by the lead guitarist Stefan. James pulls off the growls and cleans in a perfect manner. I usually tend to end up liking a vocalists cleans more than growls or vice versa, but both are executed to perfection in this track. 

Overall, I'm quite impressed by this track and will be on a look out as this band continues to take more strides into the future. A must listen for fans of Sikth, Devin Townsend, etc. The track is available at "Name Your Price" on Bandcamp, so do drop in a few bucks if you like what you hear, as the money will go right back into the EP production.

Download HERE.

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