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NEWS: Bangalore Open Air 2015 Complete Line-Up Announced


The fourth edition of Bangalore Open Air is set to take place on June 6, 2015 at Jayamahal Palace Hotel: Bangalore. The final lineup announced today consists of 6 international acts alongside 5 from India.

Bangalore Open Air 2015 Lineup

1. Napalm Death (United Kingdom): The champions of grindcore will perform their first show in India.

2. Belphegor (Austria): They are a blackened death metal band and have been active in the scene for more than 2 decades now.

3. Inquisition (United States): They are an extreme black metal band originally from Colombia, before reallocating to Seattle.

4. Unwhole (Germany): A PANTERA TRIBUTE band from Germany, are set to bring in some classic songs into the festival.

5. Lay Down Rotting (Germany): A death metal band from Germany.

6. Orator (Bangladesh): Old school death metal from Bangladesh.

7. Undying Inc (Delhi): Get set for total destruction as the guys wreak havoc in your face!

8. Gutslit (Mumbai): One of the finest brutal death metal acts of the country. Bring your chops to the fest!

9. Plague Throat (Shillong): The death metal trio, after winning Wacken Metal Battle India, and performing at Wacken in 2014, are set to bring down the stage at BOA 2015.

10. Escher's Knot (Chennai): Get ready to witness some progressive thrash metal!

11. Nauseate (Bangalore): They are an upcoming mince-core act, and definitely one to watch out for.

Pre-Sale Tickets are available on BookMyShow till 5 Dec 2014. Read our review of Bangalore Open Air 2014 HERE.

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