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ALBUM REVIEW: Stryvigor - Forgotten by Ages


Stryvigor is an atmospheric black metal band hailing from the icy cold mountains of Ukraine. “Forgotten by Ages” is the debut full length outing by the band released on Svarga Music. The music is written in their native tongue, deriving inspiration of lands unknown to me. Yet, the music speaks for the band, setting an atmosphere that takes the listener into its mystical landscape.

The album starts off with "In the Icy Embrace of North”, an instrumental track which sets the mood for the complete album ahead, with melancholic and slumbering atmospheric sounds intermixed with sounds of nature. This allows the listener to settle down with the feel of the album, before the ferocious black metal attack takes centre stage.

As the intro fades into oblivion, “Mysteries of Darkness” starts with a ferocious attack of black metal riffs and blasting drums. The vocals are harsh and raw, adding the vibes off being recorded in wilderness among the Ukrainian mountain woods. A hint off guitar melodies adds its charm to the overall sound as the album progresses.

The album is aggressive throughout with the drum work by Rungvar standing out throughout. The continuous beats, bring out the image of the forces of nature going to war throughout the album. This is evident in tracks like “Memory of Ages”, which is one of the best track on the record along with “To Heroes”. The vocals are filled with power leading the attack, supported with amazing guitar riffs. The keyboard is subtly used by Khladogard to add its charm to the overall sound and sets up the atmosphere in a perfect manner. The album ends with an instrumental title track, slowly fading away into the beautiful nature it pays homage to.

For a band releasing a debut album, Stryvigor has done a very good job on the album. “Forgotten by Ages” is an album which can be the gateway for people into the realm of the Pagan-Atmospheric-Black Metal. With a slow and moody build up, powerful and aggressive drums, amazing keyboard symphonies and raw vocals, this is an album that any Atmospheric Black Metal fan is bound to enjoy.

A must listen for fans of Nokturnal Mortum, Drudkh and Khors.

Rating: 8.5/10
Reviewed By: Zahid Syed

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