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ALBUM REVIEW: Tacit Fury - A Social Berserker


Tacit Fury are a three piece death metal band hailing from the cold lands of Moscow, Russia. Their latest full length album “A Social Berserker” delivers 50 minutes of relentless aggressive groovy death metal.

From the very first moment the record starts playing with “Lacerated, Strangled, Impaled”, you know what you are in for. The musicianship is just sheer excellence, with the Russians destroying everything that comes in their paths. The drums just keep pounding away at the listeners head, with some great technical skills by Alexander “Imidazo”. Tracks like “Mind Crushing Power Dominance” and “The Saw Wheel of Fortune” showcase the perfection in the drumming with the right combination of speed and technicality.

The guitars bring in a certain thrash element into the music, with some thrashier riffs thrown into the mix. The amazing solo thrown midway in “Chronology Bleached” by Dimitry “Enoth” will for a moment make you forget that this is a death metal record, and not off an early Sepultura album. The vocals are ferocious and visceral throughout the record. The bass by Alexey “German” does sometimes get lost in the mix, but compliments the drums perfectly in most of the tracks.

Given the thrash vibes running through the record, it was quite great to see a cover of Metallica’s Creeping Death included in the disc as a bonus track. The band manages to perfectly mix the thrash power of the original with their death metal music. An original take on a cult classic song, performed with perfection!

The album has a frenetic adrenaline rush running through it from start to end. The grooves are tight and spot on, the riffs make your head sway despite any mental resistance you may try and the music is heavy and aggressive! If you are a fan of bands like Cannibal Corpse, Dying Fetus, etc., you are bound to enjoy blasting this record on your stereo.

If you are not yet convinced, just go check out the music and... Go BERSERK!

Rating: 8.5/10
Reviewed By: Vidur Paliwal

Band Links: Facebook | Official Website | Bandcamp

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