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ESCAPETHECULT consists of Tim Alexander of Primus on drums, Peter Shallmin of Kamlath on the bass, Mike Wead from King Diamond and ex-Mercyful Fate on the guitars and Matthieu Romarin of Uneven Structure on vocals. But, the music from this group is something you would not expect after reading that lineup. It’s slow, groovy, melodic and soulful prog.

All You Want To, is a bit of a strange album. It takes its time and multiple spins to actually grow on the listener. It does not have any flashy technical riffs or odd time signatures to make you gape and wonder how they did it. Instead, what it has is a good steady pace running throughout, with delightful melodic guitar riffs and extremely soothing tone. The album starts off with “Backfired”, but the track never feels like an album opener, but stands as if the album has been looping for eternity. This brings out the philosophy of the circle of life, there is no beginning, and no end in this album!

“Clandastine” brings out the subtle grunge vibe underlying throughout the album. It begins with anger that is subdued in a slow manner as the track progresses. Matthieu’s vocals really shine out on the track, and are perfectly complemented by Mike Wead’s guitar leads.

“Tired of the Past” is one of the heavier prog tracks in the album, and is placed well in the middle, to break the monotonous flow of the album. The track has sudden pace changes, with a nice groove running in the background, that keeps the listener engrossed. There is a sense of suppressed anger running through the track, which in the band’s own calm manner explodes in the tracks ahead.

What really works fantastically for the album, is the top-notch production by Mike Wead. It’s one of the most dynamic album I have heard in a long time. Each instrument is crystal clear, and sounds totally natural. The guitars sound extremely clear, without any overays and the bass sounds punchy, yet warm. This helps balance the music perfectly. At no point do you feel that the bass and drums are just supporting the vocals and the lead guitar melodies, or vice versa. It all comes out as a single symbiotic integrated unit.

The album is not meant for everyone. It’s only meant for those who enjoy slow, yet melodic progressive music. Music which is full of energy and positivity. Moreover, it’s a record that demands your complete attention, for its true beauty to be truly appreciated. But once you get the emotions behind it, its a masterpiece. 

Rating: 9/10
Reviewed By: Vidur Paliwal
Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp

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