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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Confluence New Single - Pig Suits


Confluence are a brand new Tech-Metal band, hailing from Nottingham UK. With the members previously having been a part of other underground acts in the UK, the quartet have come together bringing their influences into the band.

The band’s first single – Pig Suits, can be streamed below and downloaded HERE. The song is the first single from their upcoming EP – Human/Being, which is tentatively planned to be released around August 2015. Coming back to the track, it is aggressive through and through, and lyrically deals with the higher power behind the pharmaceutical industry and the corruption behind the drugs they sell.

The song showcases some amazing mix of heavy riffs with ambient interlude sections. Jordan’s vocals stand out, as he walks through growls, screams, cleans and even narrative sections without losing the intensity the track brings out. Also, the guitar riffs from Connor are heavy throughout and compliment the vocals, in a perfect manner.

If this song is anything to go by, this band is packed with untapped potential, and is going to go a long way in the UK-Tech-Metal scene over the next year. Check-Em-Out NOW!

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