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ALBUM REVIEW: Widek - Journey to the Stars


We at Metal Melancholy have always enjoyed Widek’s amazing instrumental progressive metal musicianship. So, it was natural that there was some excitement leading to the release of his latest album – Journey to the Stars. On this record, Widek takes the listener one step further into the cosmic journey, as one takes a voyage to stars that feel way beyond the known universe.

Our only complain, with the debut full length album last year, was that certain tracks felt a bit too short at times, and to our amusement this issue is well addressed in the new record, giving the album a more well thought and better polished feel. The album consists of 12 tracks, which feature a bunch of guest musicians including Chris Letchford (Scale The Summit), Plini, Gru, Sithu Aye, Owane, Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry) and Rick Davenport.

What stands out on the record, is that although being a guitar focused instrumental album, each instrument seems to have been perfectly mastered. Also, at no point does the album feel monotonous, with all tracks bringing something different to the table, yet managing the cohesion required in an album, and not coming out as just a bunch of singles.

The cosmic vibe I was talking about earlier, really comes to forefront in “Space Horizon”. The track starts off with a ballad like melody that puts you into a trance. By the time the track slightly picks up pace, you are already zooming past galaxies! The best track on the album for me comes in “Canis Majoris” (feat. Per Nilsson), which also happens to be the longest track clocking in nearly 7 minutes. The moment the track starts with its simple guitar melody, it just takes in all your attention and builds up momentum from there on. The track just flows through the heavier sections into the more slower segments without any hitch, a feature that is evident throughout the album. And once the solo by Per Nelsson kicks in, one just forgets everything else at hand!

As expected from Widek, the mix and production on the album are pitch perfect. With compositions, that one can listen to umpteen times without ever getting bored. 

Overall, Journey to the Stars feels like the next step in a cosmic journey with Widek, one which has just begun.

Rating: 9/10
Reviewed By: Vidur Paliwal

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