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NEWS: Bevar Sea Release Album Details and Premiere NEW SONG!


India's doom mainstays Bevar Sea have raked in global attention since the release of their self-titled debut album back in 2012. Come 2015, with a bit more experience and skill under their belt, the band has wrapped up writing and recording their sophomore album.

The album is titled “Invoke the Bizarre”, and its track list is as follows:

1. Bearded and Bizarre 
2. Bury me in NOLA
3. Heathen
4. Where there’s Smoke (there’s a Pyre)
5. Sleeping Pool
6. The Grand Alignment

About what can be expected of the music on the new album, Panaman said, “It’s still broadly stoner and doom metal, but it’s also completely different from anything we did on the first album. It’s darker, at times faster and more metal, and for complete contrast, we’ve also got two entirely slow dirges.”

The album’s artwork is once again being handled by in-house doodler Rahul Chacko [Scribble Bandit], who continues with the underwater theme that was first explored on the debut album’s multi-panel artwork. Taking time off his busy schedule, he said, “The painting for the album cover depicts the birth of a creature in answer to the cosmic summons to overthrow the despotic regime. In a way, it represents the band's sound on the second album - less catchy, with more of an ugly slithering feel to it.” 

Invoke the Bizarre is set to release later in 2015, with the exact date to be set soon. Until then, the band has released a monstrous sludgy ten minute track, “Sleeping Pool” which can be streamed below. 

Bevar Sea are:

Ganesh Krishnaswamy - Vocals
Rahul Chacko - Guitars
Srikanth Panaman - Guitars
Avinash Ramchander - Bass
Deepak Raghu - Drums 

Band Links: Facebook | YouTube | Bandcamp

For queries, interviews, tie-ups, and gigs, the band can be contacted at bevarsea@gmail.com. 

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