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ALBUM REVIEW: Albatross - Fear from the Skies


Albatross are a traditional heavy metal band, hailing from the lands of India. Delivering some spine-chilling horror tales with their music, the band has previously released two EP’s (the latter was a split with Vestal Claret) and have now released their first full length album – Fear From The Skies.

The album clocking in just under 40 minutes, consist of 8 tracks split into two different tales. The first tale is set as the doomed Raptorsville Fair comes to town and the Children of the Cloud go about killing the folks. While the second story deals with that of the Winged Assassin and the rise of the Empire of Albatross.

The first segment of the album has the more variety as it brings in many progressive and death metal influences into the songs. Fans of the band will remember the death ridden town of ‘Raptorsville’, from the last EP “The Kissing Flies”, and are once again reminded of it as the album kicks off with ‘The Raptorsville Fair’.  As soon as the track starts playing, one knows that this is not the conventional album with a heavy track after another heavy track, but one with experimentation and flair. The triple lead guitar attack is just outstanding throughout (with 16 solos!) with some top notch work behind the drum kit to complement the riffs.

It’s also in this first half of the album that the heavy influence of King Diamond on this band comes to the forefront. The progressive guitar melodies and vocalist Biproshree Das’s mesmerizing falsetto range, keep the listener hooked. Moreover, the crazy stop and go moments just gets one banging their heads in appreciation.

The second segment, is where the band really manages to take the whole experience into the clouds, as they rise higher than ever before. The story is fantastically put to words by the bands lyricist and bassist Dr. Hex. If the first segment showed their inspiration from King Diamond, this is where the influence of NWOBHM bands like Iron Maiden shines through. The groovy basslines shining through the mix, especially ‘In the Lair of Dr. Hex’ instantly brings back the classic Maiden sound in the listeners head. The band also manages to put some bay area thrash influences into the mix in the album closer ‘The Empire of Albatross’.

Coming to the production and mastering, high praise must be given to the mix and mastering by Ahwin Shriyan and Daniel Rego respectively. It suits the music of the band perfectly, with each instrument perfectly audible. Despite all the aforementioned influences, it’s how beautifully they are brought together on the album that defines the sound of Albatross.  

My only tiny hitch with the album was the cohesion one looks for when listening to an album, is somewhat lost with ‘The Raptorsville Fair’. It just stands out from the rest, as an odd point in the listening voyage. The track despite being one of the finest on the album, just does not mix in. Its understandable that the band did not want the same sound and vibe running through and through, but for me the track strays a tad too far.

Nevertheless, this is one of the finest releases to come out of the Indian Metal scene. If you consider yourself a heavy metal maniac, you need to give this album a spin!

Rating: 9/10
Reviewed By: Vidur Paliwal

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