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ALBUM REVIEW: Lord - What Tomorrow Brings


Lord a heavy metal outfit from Australia have been going strong for years now, with 4 full length album under their wings. The bands mix of traditional heavy metal and power metal sound is one that really hooks onto you really fast. But unlike any of their previous works, their latest release takes the music into a whole new direction.

What Tomorrow Brings consists of just a single 25 minute long track that takes the listener on a ride, while bringing out the story of a Man’s journey in life. The high points filled with joy as well as the days of despair and gloom. As stated earlier, the EP has a great orchestral and cinematic feel running through it, which makes it stand out from their earlier material. The very first couple of minutes build up such a grand atmosphere in the listeners head, that it manages to captivate the complete attention for the remaining 20+ minutes.

To complement the story concept behind the track, there are dialogue inserts which work fantastic in keeping the focus on the story. The use of soundscapes at junctures to trigger the imagination in the listeners head, has been carried out perfectly, one can feel the happiness the track emits at the birth of the narrator’s child, or the shock of the accident and the post trauma at the hospital. All this brings out the band’s dedication to putting the idea at the helm, rather than sticking to self-made confines on the sound that many bands fall for. The band has also put in a nice soft keyboard solo midway adding its charm to the track, and have gone on to belt out some killer growling vocals (to bring out the despair in the narrator of the story). These are somethings which are not typically associated with Lord’s music, yet have been carried out with perfection.

To make up a package for the buyers, the band has included a unreleased track ‘Haunted’ from the ‘Digital Lies’ recording sessions. All people who have heard that album, should get a fair idea of what sound to expect. The band has also thrown in a whole bunch of covers in, Message in a Bottle by The Police, The Sun Always Shines on TV by A-Ha, Little River Band’s Playing to Win and Helloween’s Someone's Crying.

The band left no stone unturned to make it a true cinematic experience, as the first 500 copies have been packaged in a DVD cover! If you are a fan of Lord or heavy metal or concept albums or just a guy who appreciates good music, you need to get yourself this TODAY! Rest assured, you will be spinning it every time you get 25 minutes to spare for years to come! Epic solos, powerful vocals and killer riffs, this one has all!

Rating: 9/10
Reviewed By: Vidur Paliwal

Band Links: Facebook | Website | YouTube

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