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ALBUM REVIEW: Outre - Ghost Chants


Outre is an upcoming black metal act out of Poland. The band since its formation in 2012 has released an EP and a split, and have now released a rather exceptionally impressive first full length album – Ghost Chants.

What really strikes right from the first spin is the originality that the band brings forth, in a genre that has started to become a bit too stale. Although the influence of the Polish black metal act Behemoth is present on the record, it takes its own path and is far more atmospheric in nature. For the sake of comparisons, they could be put into the same shelf as Deathspell Omega, but even then the true picture of the sound the album brings out could not be painted.

The band’s sound truly is an amalgamation of many. There are points in the album where the death metal influences shine through the work behind the drum kit, and other times where the riffs bring in a tinge of doom metal. It’s these subtle variations that brings about, changes in tempo, independent bass lines, and some really dissonant riffs, things one doesn’t really expect on a black metal record. Not to be mistaken, there is more than enough blast beats and tremolo riffs for the pure black metal elitist, but it’s the subtle variations that really leave its mark. 

‘The Fall’ showcases how well the band flows through their music, the first half being more aggressive and intense, giving out the polish black metal (read: Behemoth) vibe while the latter half showcases their slower atmospheric sound with some beautiful in-harmonic bass lines that just sweep one away. While, ‘Equilibrium’ is one of the shorter songs on the record, it’s also the doomiest one on the album. But, the best is left for the last in ‘Arrival’, the track starts from a slow primitive dissonant rumbling and then goes on to continuously build up new layers of sound atop that till the very end! Perfection!

The biggest praise on the record must go to the (guest) vocalist – Stawrogin. It’s his amazing capability to launch the dirtiest pig squeals as well as the most clean sections with equal perfection that helps the album take the whole atmosphere up a few notches. The man feels like a perfect mix of giants like Nergal, Dagon and Dead Ohlin! Lyrically the album deals with a sort of summoning. The summoning for a journey that an individual must make to leave the materialistic world of humans behind and go into a karmic state of eternity. The lyrics are extremely well versed, as the journey from ‘The Departure’ till the ‘Arrival’ transcends 7 chants and 37 minutes.

Also some praise must be given to Robert A. von Ritter, who has drawn some amazing art to compliment the music. Along with the mesmerizing cover art, the man has drawn some wonderful pieces of art for the lyrics booklet that compliments the music perfectly.

Overall, this is a highly impressive album from start to end. Some top notch black metal, with subtle twists that make the journey even better. Give this albums a few spins and you will stop seeing any form of light at the end of the tunnel, only some truly well-crafted black metal. Do I need to say more?

Rating: 9/10
Reviewed By: Vidur Paliwal

Band Links: Facebook | Bandcamp | Third Eye Temple (Label)

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