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GIG GUIDE: Reverse Scenario Announces "The Next Chapter" [Pune, INDIA]


I have said it numerous times in person and over the net, for any good metal scene to grow in a country it need more and more bands releasing their own music and a good live scene. India, which has been good on the first point in the recent years, has had a mixed bag result when it comes to the latter. Sadly for the last few years,  I have seen a steady decline in the number of gigs and the attendance in the few that take place across the country. The good part is that all this seems to be changing with 2016, with more DIY gigs happening all across the country these days.

One such commendable DIY project is the "Reverse Scenario". The organisers plan to pull off regular metal shows in Pune, and if the first edition was something to go by, the lads are doing a great job! The organisers have just announced the second edition, titled "The Next Chapter" to be held on 21st of February. The line-up features Dark Helm, Sceptre, Albatross, Reptilian Death, Bhayanak Maut and Kryptos!

So to all the metal heads in Pune, or even Mumbai, Nasik, Aurangabad, or anywhere across the country, DO NOT MISS THIS!  Its time to show your support and only when such DIY projects survive, will we see a good growing metal scene in the country!  


Just in case you are still thinking of missing this, while sitting in front of your digital mirrors. Check out the music, if that does not convince you I don't know what will!

1. Kryptos: One of the finest heavy metal bands from India! Spearheading the Indian metal revolution with their no nonsense attitude and music.

2. Bhayanak Maut: I don't have to say anything for this band. Their total destruction and havoc attitude has made them one of the crowd favourites!

3. Reptilian Death: Yes, you read it right! The reptile is awake from hibernation. This one is not to be missed!

4. Albatross: The band are an amazing treat when they play live! Their new album is just one of the best Indian metal album of 2015. Do you need more? 

5.Sceptre: One of the oldest Thrash metal bands from Mumbai. Their live shows have the reputation of bringing total destruction along!

6. Dark Helm: Some good death metal from Pune itself! 

P.S: This also marks the start of "GIG GUIDE" on Metal Melancholy. If you have a gig coming up, drop us a mail, and we will try our best to feature you here!

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