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Melancholy Picks - BEST DOOM METAL ALBUMS OF 2015


When multiple “Best Albums of 2015” popped up all across the metal social-media, I was immediately tempted to do one myself. As I sat down and started to pen down my picks from the multitude of releases across the year, I realized the list would be a bit too long!

Hence, I changed tracks and broke the list into sub-sections, allowing me to do a bunch of posts that are more sub-genre specific. To start off with, what a fantastic year it has been for doom metal! This year saw some amazing releases from all across the world, there were releases that stuck to the tried and tested formula and excelled at it, and also others that broke the shackles and ran free, while still managing to keeping their feet into the doom-metal territory. 

NOTE: Click on the album title to listen and/or click on the band name to head to their Facebook page.

As we go to the 10 Doom Metal albums that impressed me at Metal Melancholy the most, I would first like to mention the 3 albums that just missed the list and are equally good!

1. EGYPTEndless Flight

Released just as the year was coming to an end, this is an excellent groovy sludge album. It has all elements that make a good album, drowning riffs, growled vocals, and some beautiful solos!

2. DOPETHRONEHochelaga.

Given the band name, it’s not hard to anticipate the band’s sound. Its heavy and crushing, heavily inspired by Electric Wizard. This album probably has the heaviest riffs that 2015 saw. Scum Fuck Blues!

3. BEDOWYNBlood of the Fall

Putting the band into doom maybe an injustice, given that the music spans everything from stoner rock, to sludge and even some death metal elements. Some real fast paced Sabbath inspired riffing makes this record, a delight to listen to.

Now coming to the 10 titles from the doomed lands of heavy riffs and crunching solo’s that left us totally devastated and crushed.


Monolord are rather a simplistic band, playing straight out sludge/stoner metal. But, it’s the psychedelic trance of those fuzzy vocals that makes them stand out in the horde. They are heavy! Heavy enough to crush anyone whose eardrums have been attacked by their sound.

9. BEHOLD! THE MONOLITH - Architects of the Void.

The album is a comeback for the band, after their bassist/vocalist Kevin McDade’s tragic death. The album sees the band expand their sound bringing in some beautiful progressive elements into their music. With a truly enjoyable sound that can have any metal head swaying, this album is a perfect tribute to their fallen brother.

8. BEVAR SEAInvoke The Bizarre

The band has left behind its stoner rock image, and progressed into a heavier and dirtier sludgy sound. Much like the groves that grow in the marshes, the album takes its time for the beholder to truly appreciate its beauty. Full Review - HERE

7. WINDHAND - Grief's Infernal Flower

The amalgamation of heavy riffs, thumping drum beats and frontwoman Dorthia Cottrell’s voice manages to create one of the truly majestic album of the year. Its heavy and yet extremely soothing.


The band has been on a constant upward trajectory since the start, and their latest album just takes them higher. These Black Sabbath worshippers are sticking to their sound, while continuing to make some of the finest traditional 60s doom music.

5. HIGH ON FIRELuminiferous.

This album is everything one has come to expect from High on Fire and a bit more. Crazy riffs, mad drumming and Mat Pike’s lunatic voice, this one has it all. The album, will probably go down as one of the finest releases by the band.


It was four years ago after the release of their last record that the band met a near fatal accident on tour. In this time the band has healed their wounds both physical and psychological. Now the band is truly back! Some wonderful riffs, crazy keys and the perfect vocals! Moreover, the album is purple, nothing says doom like purple!

3. ACID KING - Middle of Nowhere, Center of Everywhere

It’s been a decade long wait for a new album by Acid King fans, but the wait has totally paid off! The ever so twisting and turning riffs leave the listener dazzled. Heavy, crushing, massive, call it whatever you want, this album is an incredible work of art!

 2. SHEPHERD - Sterelothic Riffalocalypse.

The fact that we have two Indian releases on the list, showcases the amount of good music coming out of the sub-continent. Shepherd’s debut release wiped clean anyone and everyone whom it came across. Down tuned guitar riffs and sludgy bass, this one is dirty and loud! Crank it up!

1. ELDERLore.

One of the first albums of 2015 that stood out, and it turned out to be a masterpiece! Probably the one album I have played over and over again, all through the year. The music, being an incredible mix of stoner/psychedelic rock and prog rock, it just takes the listener off the ground and into a meditative state a few light years away from the bustling life on earth. A must hear for one and all!

What were your favourite Albums of 2015? Let us know in the comments below!

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