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INTERVIEW: STIGMHATE [Italian Black Metal]


Before diving into the Interview, Metal Melancholy would like to convey our sincerest condolences to STIGMHATE guitarist and vocalist Marco Gambicchia's family, friends and band-mates. Rest in peace Marco.

Stigmhate recently released their new album "Zodacare Od Zodameranu", an amazing black metal record that reeks pain, anger, darkness and savagery from start to end. A must listen for fans of extreme black metal. Read our REVIEW HERE. Metal Melancholy recently had a chat with Mike from the band.

MM: Greetings from Metal Melancholy! It’s an honour to have you on here. How are you guys doing?

STIGMHATE: It’s a pleasure to be a part of your magazine. We are working on the promotion of our new album and plan some live shows for this year and the next.

MM: The band recently released the fourth studio album "Zodacare Od Zodameranu" not more than a few weeks ago. What has been the initial response and reception from fans?

STIGMHATE: We are receiving great reviews from every part of the world and the response is amazing. Fans are writing to us to know about the album, asking us to play in their countries and so on. We never expected to have this kind of support from all the guys.

MM: Who conceived the album title? What does the title refer to?

STIGMHATE: Zodacare od Zodameranu was what we wanted to present as a fourth Stigmhate's album. The album title was proposed by our singer Marco and was immediately accepted for what it represents being an Enochian's key. It literally means "Move and Appear", for us it was the best choice because this title introduces all the songs perfectly both from the point of view of music and lyrics.

MM: The album is a pure extreme black metal record from the start to end, which bands/artists have been a huge influence on the band?

STIGMHATE: Well the influences are many as you can listen in our songs. We have a lot of influences because everybody listen more music and different kinds of music. It’s normal to include those styles in our songwriting. We like to play what we want to play. Yes bands do give us many influences, but we always try to find our style and personality in our band and music.

MM: Coming to the album’s sound, how would you personally compare it your previous albums?

STIGMHATE: The new one is completely different in production and in the final result if we compare it to “The Sun Collapse“. The previous sound was more Swedish black metal, with clear production and all is perfect. The new one is more raw and the songs have a completely different as approach and also we wanted to give the sound a different mix. I thought about a mixture between black metal and death metal and to find the right balance in between. So we arrived at this kind of a final result more power and obscurity.

MM: Black Metal brings out quite a varied emotions in the listener, what feelings and emotions does it bring out in you?

STIGMHATE: Nice question. First of all, when I listen to a song composed by myself, mainly it’s a strong energy. Then when I listen to a song taken from our past albums, I remember when we recorded it and how much effort was put into it and also what kind of feelings there were during the recording sessions

MM: What are the plans of the band, now that the album is out?

STIGMHATE: The main plan is to play live as much possible, to promote our new album and I think we'll do that for all of 2015. Then maybe we'll think of another full.-length album.

MM: That’s all the questions I have for you. Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. You can leave a message for your fans below.

STIGMHATE: We thank all of you for the support you give to us every day, be it by sending an e-mail, a message, buying CD’s and merchandise, etc. and the magazine (Metal Melancholy) for the opportunity to talk about our new album.

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