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GIG REVIEW: Bangalore Open Air Pre-Gig 2015 - Part 1


Bangalore Open Air 2015 was bigger and louder than any of its previous edition, taking place on 6th June, with Napalm Death, Belphegor, Inquisition and many other acts on the billing.

Bangalore Open Air 2015 also had a week-long pre-gig build up, with various Indian metal acts playing at various venues across the city. We decided to visit these nights and check out the acts on stage. This review covers the first 2 days of the pre-gig party. For later days, keep a watch for upcoming posts, Part-2, Part-3 and the main BOA-2015 review.

 DAY 1

The night began with Abaddon, a local band of the city playing a mix of thrash and heavy metal. Sadly, the rain gods did not favor me, and I only managed to reach the venue towards the end of their set. From what little I saw, the band is full of potential and talent.

Hellwind - Live at Pre-Gig Bangalore Open Air 2015. Image by Shutterbug Shash.

Next up were Hellwind from Mumbai, I had heard quite a bit about the band and even checked out a song on the bands Soundcloud Channel, to familiarize myself with the music. I had suspected, that these guys could be really good live, and they certainly knew how to rock! The guys owned the stage space from the first second. Not only were they charming and funny, their music was a nice blend of heavy metal and classic rock! The bands happy go lucky attitude, passed on to the crowd, with the crowd enjoying the set. The band definitely has a new fan!

Next up were Supermash, a band inspired by the 80s synth-rock. The band was totally unknown to me, so it came as quite a good surprise when they delivered a tight set with their own originals. The next act was an Iron Maiden tribute band from the city called Killers Breed. As expected on a heavy metal night, the band drew the whole crowd in, with people singing along for each track.  

Supermash - Live at Pre-Gig Bangalore Open Air 2015. Image by Shutterbug Shash

The headliners for the night Albatross, a horror metal act out of Bombay stole the show. My first encounter with this band was back in 2012, when they played at the Dio stage of Bangalore Open Air 2012, I have been hooked to their music ever since. The band played sons from their new album “Fear From The Skies”, as well as a track from their old EP along with a couple of covers in Tornado of Souls and Holy Diver. This was the first time I witnessed them after the addition of the third guitarist Varun, and I must say that it has just taken their live performance level up a notch. As expected, the new tracks were belted out with perfection. If you have not heard of them, check em out NOW! 


The second day of the festival was dedicated to doom metal acts, and Witchdoctor began the slow gloomy night, with some heavy riffs and gloomy drum beats. The band set the pace and created the perfect atmosphere for the night. On a casual note, I felt their songs were a tad too similar in pattern, to which “Its doom metal” feedback came from a member of the crowd. Nevertheless, a band to keep a sharp eye on for the future.

Dirge - Live at Pre-Gig Bangalore Open Air 2015. Image by Centuries of Sin.

The second act of the night increased the pace a bit up for the night, coming from Pune were Dirge. I had heard a lot of this band, so I was interested in seeing them live. The band delivered a tight performance, with a cover of Acid Bath – The Blue standing out in their set-list. Another band packed with potential, keep an eye out for their album release (Stream the first single HERE). The next act were The Grim Mage, who once again made this slow, gloomy and heavy. Another band that has the talent to rise high in the growing doom metal scene in the country.

The last band of the night, were a death-doom act out of Mumbai. Other bands may be old school, this band is “Primitiv”. The band within seconds of taking stage, managed to make the small Monday crowd look much more in numbers, as the band delivered a tight performance of originals and covers. The highlight of the set was when they were joined by Bharad Ravi of Witchgoat for a stellar cover of Obituary’s ‘By The Light’. Both the vocalist, complemented each other with perfection! A perfect end to the second day of the festivities.

Primitiv - Live at Pre-Gig Bangalore Open Air 2015. Image by Centuries of Sin.

Image Credits: Day-1:
Shutterbug Shash. Day-2: Centuries of Sin
Reviewed By: Vidur Paliwal

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