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GIG REVIEW: Bangalore Open Air Pre-Gig 2015 - Part 2


Bangalore Open Air 2015 was bigger and louder than any of its previous edition, taking place on 6th June, with Napalm Death, Belphegor, Inquisition and many other acts on the billing.

Bangalore Open Air 2015 also has a week-long pre-gig build up, with various Indian metal acts playing at various venues across the city. We decided to visit these nights and check out the acts on stage. This review covers day 3 and 5 of the pre-gig party. The first two days are reviewed in Part-1. For later days, keep a watch for upcoming posts, Part-3 and the main BOA-2015 review.


AVE SATANAS! The third day of the pre-gig festivities was dedicated to the cult of Black Metal. With Bangalore traffic and rains both hindering my journey, I reached the venue just as the opening act Anti from Mysore were finishing their set. From the very little I heard, the band was playing some good raw black metal, but still had some distance to go in perfecting their art.

Antakrit - Live at Pre-Gig Bangalore Open Air 2015. Image by Vishal 'Clickography'.

Up next on stage were Antakrit from Bangalore, having never heard of the band before they were the biggest surprise for me. As I was just settling into a couch the band began its blistering raw massacre. Unable to resist, and out of respect to such top notch musicianship, I had to go stand and give the band a proper ear. A band I’m going to closely follow from this point on!

Next up were war monikers of Stark Denial from Mumbai. The band played another tight set, and their war themed black metal left a good impression on the crowd. Next up were Dark Desolation, and as soon as they took stage, one knew that the night was going to get darker. The band delivered a top notch set, with special mention to the vocalists whose screams and growls seem to be bellowing straight from hell.

The last act for the night were 1833 AD from Delhi. I was really looking forward to watching the band live, as back in the days their debut album “My Dark Symphony” was the first time I had come across black metal from India. The album remains one of my favorites and gets a few spins from time to time. Sadly due to time constraints, the band had to play a short set, with a very quick sound-check. The band played their originals to perfection while ending on a high note with a blackened version of ‘For Whom the Bell Tolls’, with the crowd joining in!

A great night of black metal overall..

1833 AD - Live at Pre-Gig Bangalore Open Air 2015. Image by Vishal 'Clickography'.


After braving the rain for 3 days, it finally took its toll on my health. Sadly I missed the fourth night. From what I gathered, all the bands played some good tight sets. Hopefully, I will catch them live sometime in the near future.


The day of the Wacken Metal Battle – India, Bangalore Zone prelims. To everyone’s surprise, the night began as a bunch of 12 year old kids took stage and started belting out some good old heavy rock originals! The band is full of potential, and can definitely go a long way ahead! Special mention to their drummer, who was hitting all the right notes throughout!

The first band of the Metal Battle were Amorphia. Having witnessed the band before at a band competition (at Dhanak 2014), I knew of the talent these guys brought forward. The band right from the word go, played some fine heavy and fast thrash metal. It’s great to see such fine thrash acts coming out of Kerala, after the amazing debut by Chaos. The next band on the billing were Counterplot Theory. The band played a good tight set, impressing the crowd with their fine musicianship. Although, I did feel that the stage presence could be improved upon a bit.

Amorphia - Live at Pre-Gig Bangalore Open Air 2015. Image by Centuries of Sin.

Next up were the final act of the competition, The Down Troddence. The band has received universal acclaim after their debut release last year, as the band went on to play at Bangalore Open Air 2014. Surprisingly, the band came on stage as a 4 piece outfit, missing their keyboardist and lead guitarist. To my surprise, the band pulled off their performance surprisingly well, given how synth inspired their original tracks are. Deservingly, the band went on to win the Bangalore zone prelims of the competition.

Next up were the headlining act, Eccentric Pendulum. The last time I had checked out the band was back in 2011 when they had released their album. So it came as a major surprise, when I realized how much the band’s sound has changed since then. The band's early death and thrash influences have paved way to a more focused metalcore sound, with the progressive influences shining through. This had both the good and the bad. The new tracks sounded quite heavy and amazing, while the minor alteration to the older tacks left me with a bit of mixed thoughts. Nevertheless, the talent the band possesses is still intact, and I’m looking forward to what direction and sound does the band bring out in the next studio outing.

Eccentric Pendulum - Live at Pre-Gig Bangalore Open Air 2015. Image by Centuries of Sin.

With just the pre-party and the main Bangalore Open Air left, the crowd enthusiasm and excitement, was reaching its peak levels..

Image Credits: Day-3: Vishal 'Clickography'. Day-5: Centuries of Sin

Reviewed By: Vidur Paliwal 

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