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Metal Melancholy: Best of 2014 - Wilhelm [The Gardnerz] Picks


Best of 2014 is a 5 piece series where we sit down with artists from across the globe and ask them their favorite albums of 2014. Featured in this edition, is none other than Wilhelm from THE GARDNERZ!

The Gardnerz hail from the metal lands of Sweden and play some of the finest Death-Doom Metal I have come across. The band has released a full length, and EP and a 2 part single till date, with a sophomore full length in the works.

We sat down with Wilhelm and had a chat about the new slow temp doomy goodness that is coming our way, as well as his personal favorites from 2014.

Hi Wilhelm, pleasure to have you here on Metal Melancholy.

Wilhelm: Hey Vidur, thanks for having me!

2014 saw ‘The Gardnerz’ enter the studio to record the follow up to the amazing ‘It All Fades’ EP. How are things progressing on that front? Any release time frame in mind?

Wilhelm: Things are running smoothly, we are all done. Just waiting for some guest appearances and then we are good to go. Only mix and master to be done. The recording process was a bit of a hassle though. The idea was to release the album in the winter this year (2014), but do to our drummer Vedran having some medical problems and then some technical problems in the studio his part of the recording took a good while longer than we expected. Then the bass also took a bit more time to get done, due to schedules not matching and so on. Same goes for the vocal recording. Johan's recording also got delayed due to him being sick. But that is the way it goes, not much you can do about it. We are all human and since this is a hobby it sometimes has to take the backseat to more pressing concerns in life.       

How is the musical approach in the upcoming album different from the previous works?

Wilhelm: I would say that it is a mix of everything we have done in the past. Since on this album we have songs written from 2011 till 2014. I basically took all the songs I had and the guys in the band and I choose which once we thought where best and fitted together. Everything you have loved about our previous stuff is there, the clean stuff, the slow stuff and the fast stuff. I guess the biggest difference is that there are a lot more fast stuff drumming wise. Don't get me wrong we are still dooming it up like the best of em, but this time we mixed it up with some blast beats and thrash beats. But the music is still rooted to the slow tempos. If my memory serves me well there are four songs with the faster drumming. One aspect that I changed a bit is that the solos are more simplistic this time around. I guess I have never been a power shredder by any means but this time around I went down even more to basics.          

I’m sure you have been asked this a thousand times. But, what is the idea/philosophy behind calling the band ‘The Gardnerz?

Wilhelm: Would you know that it has come up! Well there is actually more thought behind it that it would lead on. The Idea was original to call the band “The Gardeners”. Because I think it has a lot of nice symbolism. The ones who subjugates/ shapes nature. The Epicurean idea of the garden as the only thing you need for a happy life. And then that every person should try to tend to once own garden and not care to much about what other people think and do. Then I guess the big question is why in the world I choose to misspell the damn thing. And the simple reason is that there are so many bands with that name. So I went creative, and changed it a bit. The “z” is in one way a fuck you to everyone who take everything to serious. And also a tribute to the Swedish dance band scene (imagine country music, just a million times cheesier). Where a lot of the bands ends their names with a z. Check out the band Lasse Stefanz to get an idea.   

Most importantly, what are your favorite albums of 2014?

1. The Dead - Deathsteps to Oblivion.
In a time where most bands are just carbon copies of everything ells these guys makes sludgy death metal that is actually interesting. And with a lot of personality.

2. Enthroned - Sovereigns.
Enthroned was for many years, my favorite black metal band. But their last few albums felt a bit lackluster to me but this one is a real beast so it made me real happy that they are back. 

3. Septekh - Plan for World Domination.
As someone who is not a huge fan of the death/thrash game this album left a huge impression on me. An extremely powerful record which a lot of variation.

4. Just Before Dawn- The Aftermath.
This is the best melodic death metal album I have heard in years. A real killer of an album that gives the big bands a run for their money.

We wish you all the best and hope that you have a great 2015. Thank you for taking the time out for this.

Wilhelm: Thank you and the same for you. Thanks for having me! Cheerio Wilhelm.  

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