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Best of 2014 - Indian Metal - Melancholy Picks


The number of metal bands sprouting all across the country is very pleasing to metal maniacs such as myself. Many old and new bands released their new albums and the one trend I’m really happy to notice is that the quality of the releases has been on a constant rise. Bands are investing time and resources into quality production, which is always nice to see.

I see the scene improving even further with 2015. I’m not saying it will go mainstream, but I do hope to see it spread its wings further across the country. Here are my picks of albums (in no particular order) released in 2014 that every metal head should give a spin to atleast once.

1. The Down Troddence - How Are You? We Are Fine, Than You

The band and the album of the year for me. The band had been on my “Keep a Watch” list since the days of release of Shiva, but they just took the whole game to a new level with the debut album. Some great carnatic influenced groove/thrash metal (that is a forceful categorization). This band is destined for big things in the years to come!

2. Bhayanak Maut – Man

Ever since my entry into the world of Indian Metal, I had heard of the vicious force that Bhayanak Maut are, but had no encounter with them. Then came MAN. This album is a result of hard work and turmoil of years by the band, and the product delivers on all fronts. A groove monster that every single person should give a spin to!

3. Demonic Resurrection - The Demon King [Full Review HERE]

Demonic Resurrection holds a special place for me, as it was through their music I started my journey in Indian metal. The band has released a monstrous 4th full length album in “The Demon King”. Another band whose music I just could not categorize, and ended up with the bands self-proclaimed “Demonic Metal”. With the band celebrating 15 year anniversary in 2015, I just see this band growing stronger and bigger.

4. Dhwesha – Sthoopa [Full Review HERE]

This is old school death metal done the right way! Dhwesha’s debut album is just a relentless attack of death metal in the vibes of Bolt Thrower.

5. Aberrant - Aberrant EP

Aberrant’s self-titled EP is modern groovy progressive metal done in a perfect manner.

6. Dusk / Dying Embrace - Through Corridors Of Dead Centuries Split

I was looking forward to hearing this release, as Dying Embrace were releasing new material after over a decade. The release has definitely left me wanting to hear more of both the bands. A must listen for fans of old school doom metal, who enjoy it being dirty and reckless.

7. Girish And The Chronicles - Back on Earth

Girish Pradhan is one of the finest classic rock vocalist in the country, whom I stumbled across thanks to Bangalore Open Air 2014. The band released their debut album, which on its first spin takes the listener back to the golden music of the likes of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Guns N Roses.

8. Pyramids - Sub Rosa EP

A new band in the modern progressive ‘Djent’ metal scene of the country. The band’s debut EP has been in the making for quite some time, but saw the release only in 2014. The band has started off on the right note, and can only go upwards from here.

9. Scribe - Hail Mogambo!

The only thing I knew about Scribe before their sophomore album was that they are a metal-core act from Mumbai, who sing about Pav-Bhaji and other stuff. After listening to their latest release, I can say that they are one amazing act, not to be missed. The Mr. India inspired album has many references that will keep you laughing as the band delivers a power packed record.

10. Colossal Figures - Clockwork Dilation

Colossal Figures is another band that seems to have really popped out in 2014 and delivered on all fronts with their debut album ‘Clockwork Dilation’. A progressive metal power house.

11. Shreyas Skandan - The Shreyas Skandan Project EP

When ‘Limit Zero’ guitarist announced his solo project, I was genuinely interested. The astronomy and sci-fi loving Shreyas has delivered a celestial instrumental EP.

12. Zero Gravity - Holocaust Awaits

This band is a testament to how metal is spreading further into the Indian community. Hailing from Indore, this band delivers some fantastic technical death metal. The death growls by the lead Kratika are second to none, and the guitar work exquisite. A must listen!

13. Undying Inc - Ironclad EP

Ironclad embodies everything that Undying Inc is and some more. An onslaught of groovy monstrous riffs awaits the listeners.

14. Toxoid - Aurora Satanae

Black Metal and India don’t really hit it off most of the time. Mainly due to the bands trying too hard to sound like their European counterparts rather than searching for their own. Toxoid is an exception to the case, and Aurora Satanae is the proof of it. A blistering black metal record!

15. Skyharbor – Guiding Lights [Full Review HERE]

Calling Skyharbor an Indian act is always bound to create opinions. Nevertheless, the band has delivered one of the best prog albums of 2014. The accompanying video by Jess Cope for the ballad ‘Patience’ just adds more charm, to the release.

Which was your favorite Indian metal release of 2014? Do let us know in the comments below!

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